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If you are looking for stupendous gardening, tree surgery, and relevant landscaping services, then TC Gardens is your one stop destination. With nearly 1 million hours of experience in over twenty years, we have come a long way. Our services include state of the art equipment and skills, which are honed every year. Our services are aimed to bringing the smile on the faces of Brits who are always willing to pay reasonable prices for high quality services. Feel free to call us for varied landscaping requirements at 07756 612 499 or 0161 9172113.

What Our Customers Say


We required a stunning driveways for our new home. While we were zeroing in some other provider, a friend of mine suggested contacting TC Gardens. Seeing the amount of consideration they took to understand our outdoor decors, I immediately realized that I should have hired them earlier. Needless to say, our new home now with the sexiest driveways resembles like heaven. They were extremely polite, courteous but were highly extrovert when it came to implementing the work. It was obvious that they are passionate about their work. Money was slightly expensive but it’s absolutely worth it because my expectations were exceeded with TC Gardens.

Lucas Black

I am thankful to TC Gardens as their work allowed me to witness the magnificent machines and tools with which they repaired our block paving, trees, and the decks. Technology is impressive but I never saw them implemented with the earlier garden landscaping work done by previous providers. Everything was perfect. They came with appointment, inspected the requirements started the work on the scheduled date. Rarely I felt like intervening them in order to prevent some mistake. Great Job overall.

Zally Hoggard

After much consideration, we went for TC Gardens. Not only they were diligent on listening out my unique requirements, but they carried out the gardening services exactly as they mentioned. Asked them for some more revisions towards the end. And they did it without any lack or hesitation. Needless to say, they were fantastic.

John Hayes

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