When it comes to fencing, there are multiple reasons to install it. However, the residential (and the commercial) owners find it difficult to maintain the sophisticated appeal of their property with the installation of fencing Urmston. And this is where we, TC Gardens comes into the scenario. With more than twenty years of fencing installation, there is no dearth of options for style, sizes and shapes that will suit your property.

Why go for fencing?

There are numerable advantages of fencing. Some of the them are: –

  1. Safety and security
  2. Easy to keep privacy
  3. Concealing the noises
  4. Enhanced appeal of the property (only if done properly)
  5. Trespassing weeds
  6. Protection against the floods and provides protection against strong winds.

What to keep in mind for fencing?

The most important thing is to identify the purpose of your fencing. The likes of wooden-split rail fence, chain-link fence are perfect for different reasons. Our fence installer at TC Gardens will give you the perfect suggestions for choosing the appropriate fencing for your property. Our fencing options includes :-

  1. Wood Fence
  2. Chain Link Fence
  3. Composite fencing
  4. Ornamental metal fencing
  5. Vinyl fencing
  6. Galvanized steel fences


Areas that we serve

Our services are always expanding. But at the moment, we are currently serving in the following areas: –

  1. Manchester
  2. Sale
  3. Urmston
  4. Stretford
  5. Altrincham
  6. Timperley
  7. Flixton
  8. Carrington
  9. Partington
  10. Irlam
  11. Old Trafford
  12. Bowdon
  13. Hale

Call us for fence installation and repair

If you are contemplating for fence installation and repair, then give us a call at 07756 612 499 or 0161 9172113. Our people will come down to visit your property. Whether you are looking to merely add some aesthetics to your outer property, or want to have the proper safety and security, our Altrincham fencing solutions will cover them adequately.

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