Garden Maintenance

In this day and age, doing fertilization, lawn mowing, hedge trimming and other relevant items yourself does not make sense, especially when there are cost-effective providers for such services in Manchester, Urmston and Stretford and more areas. TC Gardens, one of the reputed doers of garden maintenance Manchester has been proactive for the last twenty years. Quality skills, fancy high-tech equipment and on time delivery of the work are the trademarks of our services.

Our Garden maintenance services covers the following services comprehensively
  1. Hedging, trimming and pruning
  2. Fertilization of new trees and plants
  3. Removal of the green waste
  4. And other relevant tasks such as repairing sheds, garden furniture, garden houses and the pergolas.

Areas that we currently serve?

Our services are available in lots of areas. The list is the following: –

  1. Manchester
  2. Sale
  3. Urmston
  4. Stretford
  5. Altrincham
  6. Timperley
  7. Flixton
  8. Carrington
  9. Partington
  10. Irlam
  11. Old Trafford
  12. Bowdon
  13. Hale

If your property lies outside the above mentioned areas, you can still enquire about our services. We are always expanding and who knows, we might be willing to come down to your area if you are really looking to hire us!

How we proceed?

With our two decade of experience, we follow a comprehensive strategy which usually goes step by step in the order of the following: –

  1. Receiving the call on 07756 612 499 or 0161 9172113 for bespoken garden maintenance requirements.
  2. Arranging a visit to the site area
  3. Visiting the site area for inspection and to provide final estimates to the client.
  4. Arriving for work at the scene and finishing it off within the stipulated time frame.
  5. Allowing the client to inspect our work done and doing the last-minute revisions wherever needed by the client.

Why us?

Apart from being highly skilled and experienced, relax into ease knowing that we are all fully insured. And with nearly twenty years of experience, one can certainly expect a top-notch work from TC Gardens for garden maintenance Urmston.

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