There is rarely a doubt that patios escalate the aesthetic appeal of your home to a whole new level. In fact, before the guest could even enter your home, they have already formed an impression about you by seeing your patios. But keeping aside the impression concern of your guests, we at TC Gardens consider the Patio as a vital aspect of home improvement which can be used for dining, relaxation and other recreational activities.

Why install the Patios?

  1. Fantastic for unwinding
  2. Reflects a friendly welcoming vibe
  3. Perfect for season outdoors (with Patio blinds and roofs)
  4. For playing the electronic items
  5. Perfect for any recreational activity

Why choose TC Gardens?

TC Gardens with its more than two decades of experience, offers the perfect budget-friendly solutions which not only boosts the aesthetic appeal of your home but also increases its valuation in the real estate market. Whether you are looking for old and classic patio designs such as of Concrete or want a truly modern appeal like that of natural stone, bricks and pavers, our highly expert professionals will prepare anything for you.

Our motto is simple. Do everything with excellence from planning, completion to hand over the surface back to the clients. Perfect amalgamation of style and elegance is the hallmark of our Patio work.

We have acquired several accolades from a number of clients. We take pride in the fact that we are building an aspect of your home which will make you feel truly grateful and wonderful.

Which areas do we serve?

Currently our patios services are available in the areas of: –

  1. Manchester
  2. Sale
  3. Urmston
  4. Stretford
  5. Altrincham
  6. Timperley
  7. Flixton
  8. Carrington
  9. Partington
  10. Irlam
  11. Old Trafford
  12. Bowdon
  13. Hale

We are available at 07756 612 499 or 0161 9172113

If your residential or commercial property lies in the above mentioned areas, do give us a call for Patio repair and installation. We will be delighted to serve you with our finest Patio work.

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