A paved surface accentuates the appeal of your home. Not only it makes you look forward to enter your home (and commercial property) every time but also allows for ease in walking and driving the vehicles. Needless to say, but the impression that is forged onto your visitors is something that you will always be proud of. At TC Gardens, we deal with repair and installation of various types of paving such as: –

  1. Concrete paving
  2. Cobblestone paving
  3. Rubber paving
  4. Bluestone paving
  5. Flagstone paving
  6. Travertine paving

Why opt for Paving?

  1. Aesthetic appeal
  2. Never fade or crack (unless done with deliberate intention)
  3. Slip resistant
  4. Stain resistant
  5. No problem of stagnant water
  6. Low maintenance for several years

Our approach for paving your home

The design and type of paving should serve the dual purpose of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Depending on the house architect, there are various design styles of paving that should complement the indoor and outdoor of your home. The installation (or the repair work) of paving has never been bothersome for any reputed installer. It is choosing the right combination that not only looks appealing to the eyes but can also withstand the traffic and the forces of nature such as intense summer, thundering rains and chilling cold. This is what our team emphasizes on.

Why TC Gardens?

Pavement sets the look of your home from the get go. Therefore, there can be no half measures in choosing and installing the right set of pavements. If you are worried about the budget constraints for a stunning pavement, then you need not to be. There is no dearth of cost-effective pavement solutions that will make you relish living in your home. We recommend you to give us a call at 07756 612 499 or 0161 9172113. Our services are available in areas of Manchester, Sale, Urmston, Stratford, Altrincham, Timperley, Flixton, Carrington, Partington, Irlam, Old Trafford, Bowdon and Hale.

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